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    In our days, translation is present almost everywhere. In our globalized world, we often use services created or manufactured in other countries, and we want our products and services to be translated into other languages so we can advertise almost anywhere. But, once we have assumed that nowadays translation is essential, we have to choose what kind of translation we need and if it is affordable for us. We should make sure that we are getting a text that any native speaker of the translated version would identify as a text written originally in that language, for example, with Ukraine translation. If we need an English to Ukraine translation, it is better that we look for a translator in the Ukraine, as a native translator will be far more reliable than a translator from anywhere else, and of course, than a machine translated text. The translator from the Ukraine will be more prepared to understand the cultural background of the text for a Ukraine translation, and also will be able to transmit the use and usage features of the provided text. Whether it is a legal, finances, engineering or marketing text, when we have a text to be translated from English into Ukrainian, we should know that more than a literal work, we will need a complete adaptation from English context to Ukraine context.