What is it?

For an SEO text to be effective, it cannot contain content that is copied from somewhere on the internet. This also means that if a writer is working on many texts, each text must be unique from the others. The most common mistake that is made inadvertently is when a writer is working on a large volume of texts on a single topic and begins repeating themselves. In the worst case, a writer may choose to copy-paste a sentence or even a paragraph. This is a big no-no.

Why is it important?

Trust us when we say, Google sees all and will  find out if a text does not contain unique content. The result: the site gets penalized on Google SERPs (search engine results pages) and the time spent on that page, text, article or blog post becomes worthless. Most agencies have a strict policy on adhering to unique content – so do we.

How to keep your content unique

If you find useful content online, paraphrasing that content and using synonyms to change it around is OK, but copy-pasting even part of it negates the whole point of writing an SEO text. Check your texts on Copyscape to make sure you are using unique content. Other helpful links:
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