Need spot-on brochure translation for your customers?

Attaining a quality translation for your brochures just became a great deal easier. Our localized brochure translation preserves the full meaning and tone of your text, whether for print or the web.

Is your new brochure based on an old one?

We base our prices on the actual work, so if your new brochure has many repetitions from an older version that we translated, you only pay for the new parts. Long-term collaborations with Copypanthers always pay off!

Complete brochure translation includes:

  • A translator translating 400 words an hour
  • A separate proofreader, proofreading 1,750 words an hour
  • An expert reviewer
  • Applicable with Word, Excel, InDesign (IDML) and any additional formats
  • Specialized translation
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