Purpose of SEO translation: When a text has been machine translated the words are in the wrong order, so the biggest purpose for you as an editor is to make it sound good. Terminology is always used so that the right keywords are used and you as an editor don’t need to spend time on research. Edit 1 is changing the sentences so it sounds kind of okay; edit 2 is making the final editing to make the text run smooth. It is totally okay to rewrite, make it shorter/longer, the main point is that the text sounds good in the target language and reflect the original. Edit 1: 1250 words per hour Edit 2: 2250 words per hour How to use terminology in XTM editor When you open the editor you will see some words that are highlighted. That means that there is a confirmed term that should be used for this word. edit in XTM To see the correct term, click on the word: See terminology in XTM When a text has been machine translated you start with clicking in the segment, you will see the translation and change it by clicking on the check box. check box As you can see the suggested translation is not correct according to the approved terminology. (”Däckskola” should be ”Tyre school”, not ”Learn and Share”) Once you tick the box you therefore have to change to the approved term and edit the rest of the sentence. If you’re making the terminology yourself, you need the correct XTM language codes to upload it.  

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