Outsourcing your copywriting to us is ideal when your company wants to maintain a blog but has no time to invest in updating it. Our copywriters can update your blog as often as you wish and write about your preferred topics, professionally and friendly, with SEO in mind. We can also create the blog from scratch and initiate topics to write about. We can also handle all your social media accounts.  By assigning a copywriter to your social media accounts, we write your content for you and keep your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts alive as well. Please contact us via the contact form

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    How to write blogs

    Blog writing for companies is a more challenging task than writing for individuals. It is a great and direct way to communicate with your current and potential customers. Many established companies are now tackling the question of “how to write blogs?” because it is so different from how they have communicated in the past. A blog should support the company, and it’s brand image, to be a part of the overall PR plan. Because a blog is on the Internet, SEO should be considered an important part as well. So, how to write blogs? First, you need a writer with experience in writing; preferably blog writing. Then, that person needs to understand your corporate message and the goals of the blog – what you want to say with it and what you would like to achieve. Then, it’s just relentless work. To get this type of work done professionally and efficiently, you can hire one of our Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish copywriters to write it for you. Our answer to the question of “how to write blogs?” is simple – hire us.

    Blog writer

    An efficient blog writer knows what he/she is trying to express and communicates it well in a way that reaches the target audience. A blog writer should be aware of the main goals of the blog, especially for corporate or marketing purposes, and should apply SEO in correlation with these business aspirations. Blogs can have a big effect to company’s relationship with it’s customers and hold massive marketing benefits. By hiring an efficient and experienced blog writer you enhance your chances at reaching the target group by and creating the image you wish. Contact us for a quote regarding a blog writer or a ghost writer.

    Blog writing

    Blog writing is not like any article or press release writing. It’s a field of it’s own and many experienced writers may not actually do well with blogs because it requires a slightly different skill set. Especially for corporate and marketing blogs, you need a blog writer who can mediate your message but in a blog-friendly way that suites the target audience and/or average consumers. Especially for marketing oriented blogs, a blog writer also needs SEO understanding to attract clicks. While blog writing can be a challenging form of writing, we know how to do it. You can contact us for all your blog writing needs.