Bulk SEO Translation Roles

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  • You edit texts after machine translation
  • Direct translation is allowed to a limit
  • You re-edit texts that translator submitted
  • You create a terminology list which should be approved by the customer
  Reviewer To be a reviewer, one has to start as a translator to reach perfection.
  • You are the client and the manager of the project. Basically you decide if the text can go to the client.
  • You verify that the proofreader has followed his/her instructions.
  •  You do not change anything in texts but have right to send it back to proofreader.
  •  At the end of the job you rate the writers and proofreaders based on delivery time & quality.
  Accredited Reviewer Being an accredited reviewer is the best paying job as a Crowdpanther (based on hourly rate). In order to become an accredited reviewer you have to:
  • Rate 20 different writers.
  • Rate 5 different proofreaders.
  • Gotten a 5-star rating on 20 consequitive jobs for a specific skill.

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