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All our ghost writers are experienced in the fields of blog, article, marketing material or website content writing. Give us your specifications we will provide the desired ghost writing content for you and your company. Don’t lose time trying to keep your blog updated yourself – let us solve your problems by putting our ideas and writing skills to serve your aims. As a professional SEO & translation agency we know that SEO keywords are an ingredient in success in the today’s internet environment. Your ghost writing solutions will be combined with our SEO know-how, professional keyword research and anything else you need!

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    What is ghost writing?

    What is ghost writing? Surprisingly, many books and articles that you may have read are actually ghost written. Ghost writing done by another person. The client gives the writer a topic to write about, or the writer assists the client in creating a book. Say you want to publish a book about your former career, but you do not have the time to do it, or you are not so skilled in putting together a book. Ghost writing is the solution to this problem, because you will have a writer with the skills and expertise to get your book written well. Of course you can have your input on what is being written, or you can leave it up to your ghost writer to implement his/her own ideas. Ghost writing is a great way to fast-track that book you have been wanting to publish, or, perhaps, keeping your company’s blog updated.

    What is a ghost writer?

    What is a ghost writer? A ghost writer is someone who is paid to write a text but is not credited for doing it. The person receiving the credit for the text is the one who pays the ghost writer to create the text. The client of the ghost writer is ensured that their texts are properly written about the subjects they want and that the texts reach their intended audiences. These writers are highly skilled in this profession. Not only do they write, but they also research. This is important, as it ensures the quality of the end product. However, sometimes they are just hired to edit, proofread and clean up a draft. The role of a ghost writer varies greatly depending on what kind of work they have to undertake. Quality, versatility and dynamism are just a few words to describe this profession.

    Ghost written

    What can be ghost written? Pretty much anything can be ghost written: articles, texts, books, blogs, scripts, lyrics, etc. The list is endless. Whatever can be written can also be ghost written by a professional. It is up to you what you to have made. Here are some topics that are popular to have ghost written: non-fiction, fiction, academic, medical, blogging, music, articles, texts, SEO, lyrics, letters, and even poems. As you can see, practically anything that can be conceived can be written by a ghost writer. This saves you time and ensures a quality product, because the ghost writer is a professional, who knows how to write; it is what they do well. They can do it for you! Our ghost writers are highly skilled and are waiting to write your texts and articles today!