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The Ultimate Checklist to the Best Marketing Agency for Your Business

Finding a result oriented, responsive, reputable, and the best marketing agency should not be a task you dread, and this is something that you should never put off. When you know what you’re looking for, then locating the perfect marketing agency for your business will be quick and easy. This article offers practical tips that will help ensure that your next online marketing team is your best and last.

Do they put into practice what they preach?

One of the best ways to figure out if you will get the best marketing services for your business from an agency is to see whether they’re taking their own advice. For instance, would you listen to the agency talking on and on about the importance of social media when their own accounts have been dormant for months? In other words, it’s critical that the agency not only offers sound advice, but that you can see they actually know how to implement it. If they’re able to do it for their own business, it’s more likely they will do the same for your business.

Do they provide you with case studies?

Marketing agency case studies go above their own successes of using inbound marketing; the agency should be in a position to show you a specific instance (or instances) of client case studies. The ideal situation is if these case studies are directly aligned with your goals—whether it’s showcasing channel-, tool-specific abilities, or industry-specific knowledge. Maybe, they have a knack for solving difficult problems like low SERP ranking.

Are they able to address your specific business goals?

The best marketing agency should know what your business goals are. They should also have a plan ready to make your dreams a reality. Most critical, the agency ought to repeat back the plan to you, build on your ideas, and point you in the right direction with a strategy and a bag of tactics to ensure success. The agency should also be ready and willing to present the plan before you sign the contract. If they are promising you “brainstorm sessions” after you send your first check, take to your heels!

Are they up-front about their in-house services?

Outsourcing services should not be a deal breaker. Actually, this is a sign of a mature agency that understands its weaknesses and strengths. If an agency has a weakness in a certain department, it would be better off if they are honest and told you about it, and that they have a vetted service provider they’ve worked with for several years.

Are they focused on the success of your business or the size of your wallet?

It is true that agencies need to make money. However, it’s not a great feeling when clients are treated like paychecks instead of paying customers. One way to tell if your agency is after your money only is to see whether they are willing to be honest with you—even when the truth hurts! The best marketing agency is more concerned about their reputation as a stellar quality service provider; they’re also concerned about your business’ success, and how they will help you achieve it. When an agency is clear about the things it can and cannot do for you, you’ve got yourself a winner. At Copypanthers, we ensure that you do not pay or sign anything until we agree and understand each other’s expectations. We lay out everything from anticipated turnaround times to expected results and communication requirement beforehand. We do this knowing that your business will grow and flourish with us. Our content products cover any language, even lesser common ones, like Norwegian content. If you’re tired of moving from one undependable marketing agency to the next, then we would be keen on been your final and best marketing agency that you work with. We meet all the traits mentioned, but ask you to be the judge. If you are looking for an effective business website or/and want help increasing the publicity of your current site, contact us now!

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