Words make the world greener

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#1. Your words matter: They make the world greener!

When you rate and review a page on our website, Copypanthers will plant one tree in your name for every review you make. Every month, we’ll post on our blog with an update on how many trees have been planted thus far. 

#2. Write some words with your pencil: Make the world greener!

So you met with a panther who gave you a pencil that wants to become a plant, like basil, cilantro, dill, rosemary, sage or thyme. So, write some words and make the world greener (and your food tastier). Watch the video below to see how.

#3. Play our translation game and win €3,000 in translation or content

Try our fun game. The translation with the most votes at the end of February 2014 will win!

Play Lost in Translation Agency

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