Many domains, but no time?

If you’re lacking time to find quality content to fill up your domains and stage it – we have you covered. Outsourcing your blog setup to us is easy.

Setup in your WordPress account

Our copywriters provide high quality web content around the website’s topic, and we stage the site in your WordPress account. If you’re only in need of website content, we can do that too.  

A complete blog setup includes:

1. A premium quality theme from WPZOOM or similar site 2. A great logo 3. 1 ‘about me’ page (150-200 words) 4. 8 premium quality texts (blogs or pages) (250-350 words each) 5. High quality media (Shutterstock images and YouTube videos) 6. Facebook page integration on your blog 7. Installing widgets (Flickr, tag cloud, etc.) Take a look at these great examples or contact us directly to discuss the blog setup possibilities!  

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