Premium Content Writing Roles

100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Spend 50% of your total time doing research
  • These texts are highly engaging articles that read like a well-researched magazine article. The reader should be presented with fascinating content and be induced to buy/do whatever it is that the company/organization wants.


  • Verify that the writer has written the appropriate level of content (basic, standard, premium).
  • Check the tone, keyword density and formatting ¬†according to specifications.
  • …Of course, spelling and grammar have to be perfect!


To become a reviewer, you must have experience writing premium texts to perfection.
  • Think of yourself as the client. “Would you accept this text?”
  • Verify that the proofreader has followed the instructions according to the review checklist (provided by your Panther).
  • Don’t change anything in the texts; Just send it back to proofreader if it doesn’t pass.
  • At the end of the job, you will rate the writers & proofreaders based on quality & delivery.

Accredited Reviewer

Being an accredited reviewer is the best paying job as a Crowdpanther (based on hourly rate). In order to become an accredited reviewer you have to:
  • Rate 20 different writers
  • Rate 5 different proofreaders
  • Have received a 5-star rating on 20 consecutive jobs for a specific skill

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