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How to do a keyword search?

Finding the right keyword(s) or doing a keyword search when writing your content is the most important thing when it comes to SEO. To start improving the SEO of your article, it is recommended that you to brainstorm about random keywords you think would be popular. Once you have a clear idea of which keywords are relevant to your subject (this should also involve some research), you can start using the keyword search tools, listed below. The most popular and user friendly is the Google keyword tool. No software to download, free, easy and fast. You can enter more than one word and expression, click exact search on the left hand side menu and don’t forget to set your target country and language. The best keywords are the ones with a low concurrence and a high local search.

Another easy to use keyword tool is Word Stream. The menu offers a good range of options, however, this site is mainly for a US based database but also has some keywords in other languages.

Wordtracker is also worth taking a look, with a free access to some tools to help you build better SEO content and a weekly newsletter to keep you updated.

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