Earn money in Yoga

Are you trying to live the yoga dream?
If you believe that life is all about the journey rather than the destination, you’ve probably found yourself in a lot of luscious, beautiful places… But along the way, we all need to make ends meet, don’t we? That’s where Copypanthers comes in.
Freelance with Copypanthers in Istanbul or anywhere in the world
Copypanthers is a company based in Istanbul filled with a group of Turks and foreigners that have joined their analytical and creative energies to help you monetize your language assets. What this means is that no matter what language you speak, our goal is to create a web-based platform that supports a giant business across the entire world to provide freelance work in all languages, whenever and wherever you may be. All you need is a laptop and a sturdy internet connection.

Once you’ve registered, you should join a Welcome Webinar, where you’ll learn about Copypanthers, be able to ask questions, then get your hands dirty and start writing something for a live project.
Other offers
Do you know companies or friends that need web content or translation? Become an affiliate affiliate and earn a 5% rev share on everything they order for 12 months!
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