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Hi there, newbie!

You’ve registered with Copypanthers and now you want to know, “How do I start monetizing my language assets?” The process for making it into our pool of Crowdpanthers is dynamic and only requires two basic skills: 1) knowledge of your native language, and 2) following instructions. Of course, we’ll support materials to answer your questions along the way. Now that you’ve registered, you will receive some basic training in SEO writing. If you’ve registered as a translator, don’t fret, these training lessons are only to establish that you are knowledgeable in your native tongue(s). Once you’re accepted, you’ll only receive proposals for translation jobs.

The application process

Lesson 1 – Writing a Basic SEO article

This lesson is not paid (unlike the other lessons), and is to test your basic language skills.

Lesson 2 (paid) – Writing Standard, Premium and Copywriting SEO articles

Upon completion of this lesson, we’ll pay you 30 Turkish lira (if you allow us to use your texts on our site), and then you will be entered into our list of approved content writers.   Done! You’ll be added on our list of approved crowdpanthers and begin receiving job proposals for both content writing and translation.   Upcoming lessons in the future

Lesson 3 – WordPress

In this lesson, you will learn how to use WordPress so that you can get jobs that require knowledge of WordPress as well.

Lesson 4 – Translation

You will learn the basic principles of how to become a great translator and avoid all the most common pitfalls.   If you already have questions, visit our FAQs for Training Lessons to find answers. And, if you want a get a step ahead of the competition, you can start by going through our Resources portal!

Good luck!

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