Responsibilities include completing project tasks with high quality and on time, as defined by the project manager.



  • Follow the instructions you are given to write a suitable content from scratch.
  • You always have to be careful with tone, keyword density and formatting according to specifications. And ofcourse spelling and grammar.
Premium content  Proofreader any content
  • You verify that the writer has done a basic, normal or premium content text.
  • Check the tone, keyword density, formatting  according to specifications.
  • And of course spelling and grammar have to be perfect.

Reviewer any content

To be a reviewer, one has to start as a writer to reach perfection.
  • You are the client and the manager of the project. Basically you decide if the text can go to the client.
  • You verify that the proofreader has followed his/her instructions.
  •  You do not change anything in texts but have right to send it back to proofreader.
  •  At the end of the job you rate the writers and proofreaders based on delivery time & quality.
Reviewer accredited Being an accredited reviewer is the best paying job as a Crowdpanther (based on hourly rate). In order to become an accredited reviewer you have to:
  • Rate 20 different writers.
  • Rate 5 different proofreaders.
  • Gotten a 5-star rating on 20 consequitive jobs for a specific skill.



Conduct translation projects that are linguistically localized. Is always careful with the tone and avoids direct translation. Bulk SEO translation Content translation Normal translation Specific translation


Proofreader audits translation project for spelling and grammar, keyword density, formatting and content quality. Pro Proofreaders are specialized in specific areas and both Non Pro and Pro Proofreaders has right to send the project back to translator in order to achieve perfect results. Bulk SEO translation Content translation Normal translation Specific translation


Reviewer has the most important role and acts like the client. Your role would be to understand the client’s needs 100%  in order to check quality and assist the process goes smoothly. Has right to send the task back to Proofreader if it needs changes.  

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