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    Language translation

    Speaking about the language translation industry, we remember that it has been constantly developing since ancient Carthage. Founded in 814 BC, the city was a major hub of trade and politics over the Mediterranean. It is not surprising that translation services were high in demand and started its history there. So, what do we have nowadays? A wide choice of agencies, freelancers and translation tools can be found over the Internet. Mass media reports that spoken language services comprise a small part of the overall market. Machine translation and translation memory tools have arguably supplanted human translation as the most marketable product. In an attempt to streamline operations and cut costs, larger enterprises have begun to use specific technologies to translate language. In light of the increasing spread of translation tools, best translators around the globe note that all machine resources are good mostly to multilingual tasks. They are useful to academia and industry to carry out research and development into multilingual text analysis tools. The language translation tools have already been used to make statistical machine translation, generate dictionaries etc. They are very simplified and not suitable to all purposes. This indicates that only professional translators can finally make language translations which meet the highest standards.