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    Freelance writing jobs

    The reorganization of productive processes in the service sector

    The economic crisis has involved a large part of the world, thus undermining a great variety of job sectors, but if there is one sector that managed to reorganize itself in order to come through the difficulties, then you will, without any doubts, mention the communications sector. Freelance writing jobs represent the best example of the way that the communications sector, as well as many others, has reorganized itself. So called “in-house writers” is something that only few companies can afford nowadays, mainly because in certain cases it´s not economically effective. Think about more or less small companies that once in a while need to hire writers, translators or copywriters to make a seasonal or annual product catalogue. It basically wouldn´t be cost effective, as it would result in a waste of money if they had to pay monthly wages for a seasonal project, which is to avoid, especially nowadays. They have freelance writing jobs to offer, but only every now and then. Freelance writing jobs are therefore of great help for those companies that can´t afford to pay wages regularly for something that they only need sporadically. On the other hand, freelance writing jobs don´t give advantages only to the companies, but also to the writers, who can, in this way, have the possibility of gaining more flexibility and, above all, new chances to actually have a job that otherwise would seriously be compromised.