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    Writing SEO content

    Marketing online is still a relatively new phenomenon, but the situation is unforgiving to those who cannot keep up with the times. Writing SEO content correctly is one of the key methods to keep ahead of the competition. Creatively and intelligently written, SEO will improve the site’s ranking in Google, and other search engines, thus ensuring a higher level of visibility and more visitors. Who does not want more visitors to their site?! Writing SEO content does not have to be complicated. It simply involves placing key words inside a text enough times for Google to be kept happy. For example, an author would need to write their key word approximately 2-4 times within a 200 word text. This would provide the optimum results for the web page to be seen on a search engine. Hence the term “Search Engine Optimisation”! But how does SEO work? A search engine will send “spiders” into websites to search for key words. These spiders identify such words and use this knowledge to determine how relevant the content of the website is to each user’s query. Anyone writing SEO content must simply decide upon certain key words which they want the spider to notice. Hello decent search engine rankings!