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    Web Writing

    Web Writing

    How to tell if web writing is right for you? The first thing you should ask yourself is: do I like writing? It might seem different than writing for print, but web writing is still the same kind of text producing activity at its core. Assuming the answer is ‘yes’, you should also ask yourself: do I feel comfortable writing on a computer? Although it seems trivial at first, some people will never trade their pen and paper for a keyboard. Also, not all digital text is the same, for example: technical or scientific writing often involves describing complex mathematical structures or algorithms; this could be very frustrating for people who have never used prebuilt macros. Your final question should be: am I able to work alone? Web writing is mostly a freelance job, which means most of the work is done at home. It also means you must set your own schedule in order to be able to meet deadlines. Overall, if you like writing, technology and are somewhat of a free spirit, this job might be right for you. The world of internet content is vast, and for those willing to make an effort, it can be very rewarding.

    Web Writing Done Right

    Content on the Internet comes in many flavors, some better than others. So how do you get your content and web writing to stand out? For a quick overview, here are some tips: make your article easy to read – most reading on the Internet is done by scanning the text rather than reading it in detail. To make it more ‘scannable’, make sure to organize your text with visually appealing headings and subheadings. Also, group important text into bulleted or numbered lists. Be concise – get your message across with simple and short messages. Start with the most important part and then work your way down to less important information, as not all readers will make it to the end. Attract readers by using a compelling title – there is a sea of information on the net, dull titles will not stand out and thus won’t draw any particular attention. Creating appealing titles is somewhat of a web writing art, so take the time to perfect this ability. Provide researched information – content is abundant but professional content is still somewhat of a rare commodity. Research makes web writing more time consuming, but it’s well worth the effort.

    Web Writing Features

    With Google’s new Panda algorithm, the use of copy-paste based content schemes will now result in low search score ratings. This means that websites that provide fresh and original content will get pushed up to the first search result pages, while duplication based web writing will rank lower. What this means that high quality content writing is becoming an increasingly rewarding investment for web content hosts and creators. Another trend that is influenced by recent search algorithms updates, is that keyword placement strategies become more complex. Keyword stuffing will incur a substantial penalty on search score ratings. Thus, keywords must be seamlessly and organically woven into the text. Web writing as a whole benefits from this practice as it becomes harder to create junk content for the sake of search engines alone. Localization also becomes critical, as web writing becomes increasingly global in its scale. It comes as no surprise then that companies are willing to invest in creating localized content by hiring writers who both speak the language and understand the culture of a target locale. Another method is to hire a web content company, like Copypanthers. Here is an example of content localization provided by them: Norwegian content.