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Your website is great but what about sales?

Increasing sales is all about great content writing for SEO and a proven strategy. You’ve spent a fortune getting a new website design but have seen zero increase in sales. Headache! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let’s face the facts. It’s a jungle out there. You’ve probably got 1,000’s of competitors from all around the world all depending on web sales. You can build the best looking website, but it would be like building an amusement park in the middle of the desert. Don’t get us wrong, a good web design is critical for your conversion and professional image. However, in today’s world, competitive marketing is all about leveraging content writing for SEO to the max. It doesn’t matter how great your product and website looks if potential customers can’t find you on-line with minimal effort you’re losing money. It’s our job to make you bring you to the front of the queue then it’s your job to make the sale.

You know your product and we know content writing for SEO

These days, online selling is all about the numbers, and we are a data-driven bunch. Search engine optimization, search engine marketing (SEM) and long tail keywords may not excite you but they excite us because we understand their power to link you to your customer base. It’s all about knowing what your target market searches for online, which is basically marketing for the 21st century. Think of it like buying a car with a V8 engine. You don’t know how the motor works but you know it’s fast and will get you where you want to go quickly. It is the same principle behind great content writing for SEO. We understand the principles that drive SERPs and can harness that knowledge to help your website climb up on the search results page. We will take your text and embed it with juicy keywords so that every time a customer searches for a product like yours you will find you easily.

But my company is about style, not SEO!

Don’t panic. Just because we are focused on content, SEO and analytics doesn’t mean you have to compromise on branding and aesthetics. You can still have your design and web development teams work their magic on your site, so long as there is enough space to include the texts that we will write for each of your pages. Creative content writing for SEO combines our techniques with your style and we will work with you to help you acheieve your goals.

What makes Copypanthers so special?

All our projects have a dedicated project manager working with a core team to deliver lightning fast turn-around at reasonable prices. Our Copypanthers are located around the world providing service 24 hours a day. Our content is written in your native language by native speakers and is guaranteed to be original. We don’t plagiarize content! We assign writers to research your company and analyze your industry to identify the keywords that need to written into content to maximize SEO returns.

The Copypanthers process

  • Industry-based keyword analysis (for free)
  • A Copypanthers-trained writer content writing for SEO
  • A native speaking proofreader to make all the details perfect
  • A native speaking reviewer that controls the final product
Content writing for SEO is an industry trend which, if done correctly, has been proven to drive up your SERP. Contact one of our experts today and get a free quote. We also make sure that you’l have a trackable ROI that will prove it was the right decision. Get a free quote from one of our sales represetatives now!

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