Factors Likely to Affect Content Writing & Search Engine Success

You have probably heard it over a million times by now, but content is really king. Indeed, for this reason, Content and SEO success factors begin with quality content writing as the basis of a successful website marketing effort. Once you get your content and SEO right, you create a concrete foundation that will eventually support all your other SEO efforts.

Quality Content

You need to ensure that you are creating quality content. When selling via your e-shop, do you take the necessary steps by going beyond a simple brochure with the same information found on many other websites?

Do you give your visitors a reason for spending more than a couple of seconds reading your web pages?

Are you offering your visitors and clients something that is useful, different, unique, and of substance that they will never find anywhere else?

These questions are just a few things you ought to ask yourself while assessing whether you are providing quality content for blogs. This is one area where you should not skimp since quality content writing is the keystone upon which other factors rely on.

Keyword and Content for SEO Research

Another critical SEO content writing factor that should be considered once you have created quality content is keyword research. You can use several tools that offer you the option of discovering how people are likely to search for your e-shop’s content.

You need your content writing centered on these keywords; specific search terms online visitors are likely to use. This will allow you to create quality content for websites that answer the questions asked by people. For example, a web page might use technical jargon to explain a process. However, search engines are likely to skip or even fail to rank the page since people will be searching for it using simpler terms. It is, therefore, critical that your content is written using the right “language” – the language your users and customers use while searching online.

Engaging the Audience

Quality content writing should interact with your audience. Search engines use this to measure the interaction (known as engagement). Some of the things search engines look for in content for websites include:
  • How long do visitors stay on your content pages?
  • Does your audience seem to clickthrough to your listing, and almost immediately bounce back to the search results looking for something more? This could mean that you are not engaging your visitors.
  • On the other hand, do people seem to spend a larger amount of time on your page compared to their stay on other websites?

The Solution

At Copypanthers, we endeavor to offer you professional content writing services that take into account the factors mentioned above and others like:

  • Using keywords to fully optimize content for SEO
  • Ensuring that your content is always fresh – search engines love fresh content for blogs

Copypanthers wants to help you attract more traffic to your site from potential and current clients. One way to do this is by employing the “long-tail strategy.” This means we will create quality content for your business that is optimized with keywords.

At Copypanthers you can rest assure that Google will reward your website for containing optimized keywords. Our goal is to put up great content for your business that earns you greater rewards in terms of visits, conversions, and increased sales. Are you ready to make that step to better online sales? Get a free quote now!

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