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    An article rewriter offers to write a second version of a submitted article. The writer’s services can be required for many different reasons. These reasons are very important to determine before submitting the request online, as the rewriting can alter the structure and content of the second version to be delivered. Indeed, the client may need this service to submit the article to a directory with slight alterations, so that the second article published on other websites does not compete with the original website article. The same goes for the publication of the same article on more than one of the client’s websites. The client might also want to change the keywords whilst maintaining the general meaning of the original text. Some might even ask the article rewriter to rewrite a completely different text, the objective usually being to take credit for someone else’s article by publishing a text that even the original author will not be able to recognize. Nonetheless, some features remain the same in every article rewriting. The meaning of the article must be maintained, but with different semantics, so that the rewritten text remains different enough from the original to be considered as unique. The keyword density also needs to be of about 1.5%. An article rewriter’s task can therefore be seen as a literary exercise requiring grammatical accuracy and the appropriate use of synonyms.