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Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 In Life of a panther By Ulrika

Do you have friends? Refer them to Copypanthers!

Norwegian translators are not trolls, they rock!

Copypanthers is a growing agency and looking to expand our network of crowdpanthers (AKA freelancers). We especially need Norwegian translators but if you know someone who is fluent in the following languages, refer them to us and be a part of our Pay BOOST campaign!
  • Norwegian translators
  • Dutch translators
  • Danish translators
  • Finnish translators

“Pay BOOST” Campaign

To take part in our Pay BOOST campaign, you should:
  • Be interested in becoming a crowdpanther (AKA freelancer) as a translator, proofreader or writer
  • Register at
  • Request a unique link from us and start referring friends
  • Hopefully know some Norwegian translators 🙂
For every friend that you refer who gets assigned to a project, you will receive $25. In addition to that, if at least 2 of your referrals get assigned to jobs, you receive a 20% “Pay BOOST” on all your projects you deliver until the end of February 2014. If you have friends that know those languages, this is an opportunity you can’t miss! This campaign is also valid for existing crowdpanthers, so don’t miss out!


Here are some links that are great for learning how to become a top-quality crowdpanther with Copypanthers.
  • How it works – The freelancer application process
  • Resources – Become a maestro of translation and SEO

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