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Santa Claus is an old guy with a white beard, red coat and a red nose who brings us Christmas gifts every year – on this, everyone seems to be in agreement. But where does this guy come from? And where does he live? On these questions there seems to be a spirited battle! To break it down: The true origin of Santa Claus can be found in the personage of Saint Nicolas, who’s home town is now located in a country where Christmas is totally uncommon: Turkey. His home was Lycia to be precise, where he lived and worked in the 4th century as a bishop. St. Nicolas became well known through his generous acts to the poor and after his death on 6th December 343 AD, this day was dedicated in his honour. Up to that, everything is pretty clear but once the celebration of Jesus’ birth was assigned to be 25th December, everything got a little bit muddled.  Eventually, the St. Nicolas feast became associated with the Christmas feast and a lot of rumours started developing hither thither. The Finns for example claim that the home of Santa Claus is located in Lapland at the base of the mysterious mountain Korvatunturi. Others say Santa Clause is living at the North Pole or in Greenland. And don’t forget the sleepy town of Santa Claus, Indiana in America, which is flooded by millions of letters to the beloved Santa Claus every year. Could Santa be hiding there to receive all of our endearing postage? Perhaps the nicest idea is that Santa Clause lives neither in Finland, the North Pole, Greenland nor Indiana, but in the hearts of those who believe in him.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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