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Friday, September 21st, 2012 In Blog, Fun stuff, Swedish By Carolin

Translating panthers

We now have 99 translations on our global toplist! Thanks to everybody who have contributed to our Lost in Translation Agency game so far. However, some countries seem to be missing. Especially our valued translators from Finland, Germany, Denmark and France.

To inspire our Finnish, German, Danish and French fellows a little bit, here are some funny translations from our active Swedish and English translators.

Get inspired by these admittedly animalistic posts:

Our friend Swedish Erik Fellman seems to like louses…

And our friend Pi Ratas is wondering about fish… 

If this is not inspiration enough, we have 50 Happy Plugs waiting for you. Just go to our site (by clicking on the picture below), enter your translation, publish and don’t forget to vote for your own post.

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