The final countdown has started!

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Friday, September 28th, 2012 In Blog, Fun stuff By Carolin

Final Countdown

The last month passed quickly in the Copypanthers office and there are just three more days for you to get on the top 50 of our global toplist and win a pair of fun coloured Happy Plugs earphones!

So, if you didn´t vote, or even worse, haven’t posted a translation so far, now is your chance! The final countdown has started!

Just follow these instructions and you might get more “colour” in your life:

  1. Go to our Lost in Translation Agency game site by clicking on the image below.
  2. Enter a funny translation in any of our game’s languages.
  3. Login and post your translation.
  4. Vote for your own post to get on the leaderboard!

Happy translating!!!

Play Lost In Translation Agency!

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