“New meaning and purpose” – Vivian’s story

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Sunday, December 6th, 2015 In Life of a panther By Jorn

Living in South America

As a freelance writer you can work from anywhere; even South America. Meet Vivian (45), happy mum, world traveller and freelancer:

“My name is Vivian. I am 45 years old and these days I live with my family in South America. Here I happily make a living for myself working as a freelancer within the Copypanthers family. You might wonder how this came to happen, sometimes I wonder too!”

Walking along the old city in Cartagena, Colombia

Walking along the old city in Cartagena, Colombia

“We have always liked to travel and over the years, we have taken every opportunity to visit a new place. We have always talked a lot about taking the big leap and create new meaning and purpose in our lives. Sometimes life makes some unexpected twists and turns and suddenly we realised that the moment was there. Natural changes within the family made 2015 into the perfect year for letting our dreams come alive.”

“Time to create new meaning and purpose in our lives”

“Then came the point about how to make a living. I have always loved languages and writing, I even have a bachelor degree in French. Therefore, I searched the net and realized that it was indeed possible to make another dream come true, working with words.”

“I started out and now I am working as a translator and a writer. With Copypanther I get the perfect combination of earning money by doing something I love, be with my family and see the world. I can structure my days according to our needs. The only thing I need is my computer, internet and old-fashioned as I am some pen and paper to make my notes!”

“The people at Copypanthers are great to work with. So, even though we are not in the same country or even in the same timezone, it’s like having colleagues.  Always someone to ask for help, always good and valuable feedback and all the work you can handle. How great is that!”

“Even though we’re not in the same timezone, the people at Copypanthers feel like my colleagues”

“Just think about it, thanks to Copypanthers and new technologies, I can work while spending Christmas on a beach in South America and spring in wonderful France. All the time I am together with my husband and kids. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner!”

“My only regret is that I did not do this sooner!”

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