The Mesmerizing Istiklal Avenue

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Monday, February 11th, 2013 In Blog, Life of a panther, Other articles By Stephanie

The famous “Panter” shop on the Istiklal

Stop!  You found us! Do you want to be one of the three million pedestrians who daily stroll down the Istiklal Caddesi?  Formerly known as the Grande Rue de Pera, the Istiklal Avenue, translating literally as ‘Liberty Avenue’, is one of, if not the most famous street in Istanbul. The Istiklal houses hundreds of shops, restaurants and bars opened at all times of the day and night, a little red tram that forgot to retire, the former embassies, now consulates after the declaration of the Independence of the Turkish Republic in 1923, and an astonishing and bewildering city-life.  To live and breathe this effervescent plethora of noises and colours on a daily basis, come and join Copypanthers!  Indeed, our premises are located just a stone’s throw away from Taksim Square, which boasts some of the most important buildings of the Ottoman Empire, like the Pera Palace, the Galatasaray School and one of the oldest metro stations in the world: Tunel.  The Istiklal vibrates at any time of day and night and anyone can find his or her happiness here! How about an after-work drink in Nevizade or savouring some mezze* in the Cicek Pasaji?  Or perhaps enjoying a durum on the Bosphorus shore for lunch?  Do you think you have what it takes to handle the Istanbulite life?  Then Copypanthers is waiting for you! *mezze:  typical Turkish style starters similar to Spanish tapas.

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