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Thursday, November 29th, 2012 In Swedish By Stephanie

Copypanthers, provider of interpreters in Istanbul since now!

Never get lost in translation in Istanbul or Turkey any more with Copypanthers at your side! Indeed, Copypanthers is proud to announce yet another service in our repertoire. We are officially offering interpretation services in Istanbul and all around Turkey. Please bear with us for more countries very soon. Travelling abroad for business, medical care or any other matters can be rather daunting. A interpreter by your side can wipe this feeling away! A trustworthy person who can be your voice in a foreign land can be a great associate or even a travel companion that opens your eyes. Istanbul, where East meets West, a city on two continents, is just a maze of civilizations, cultures and languages. Your Istanbul interpreter will not only make your voice be heard in the native language, but can get you out of any taxi traps, restaurant rip-offs, counterfeit money changers, etc. Of course, Istanbul is not just about avoiding disaster, but a vibrant and economically booming, beautiful city. Rest assured, your interpreter will not let you down. We offer two types of interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation: The interpreter usually works with a microphone and a set of headphones and translate simultaneously what is said into another language. This is the type of interpretation services generally used for conferences. Consecutive interpretation: The speaker allows pauses for the interpreter to translate to his client. In need of interpretation services? Contact us for a free quote.

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