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Friday, March 30th, 2012 In Life of a panther By Jenni

Every week is different for a Copypanther, but this week is extra special because we started our recruitment process for full-time Norwegian, Danish, bilingual English and  German people for our Istanbul office. We are now running ads on Facebook and are excitedly waiting to see how this will turn out. It is great to be expanding, after all it is the dream for every company.

Our team is looking forward to have some new colleagues who can help us with the project managing and sales, take charge of their respective languages, reviewing finished projects and so on. Dedicated and motivated people with a sense of humour (preferably) are sought for.


Besides new project managers we are also looking for new freelancers, both translators and proof-readers. So it’s busy times – email, phone and Skype lines are hot.

In freelancers we are focusing on various European languages, such as Polish, Russian, Italian and Spanish. But our Scandinavian team also needs new blood every now and then, especially Finnish and Norwegian. Freelancing is practical for a student or someone who doesn’t want or need a full-time job, as the projects vary so much in size, and one can choose how much time they can give to the freelance work. So if you know someone with professional conduct who can keep deadlines and has awesome writing skills, send them our way 😉 We have people working all over the world although there is a cluster here in Istanbul.


We are also keeping eyes open for proofreaders. There are plenty in the world, but we often need specialists on legal or finance terminology for example. But just as often we need  to get some simple SEO product texts double checked, so different types of proofreaders are needed for different projects, and we try to build good and lasting relationships with the professionals we trust.

If you are what we are looking for, or know someone who might fit, send an email with CV our way at

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