Howdy-do in the lingonberry woods

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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 In Blog, Fun stuff, SEO & links, Social media, Swedish By Ulrika
We all know that translations can be funny, but sometimes you come across something that just tickles your belly and you have to share.  Here are 10 hilarious examples of what can go wrong when you translate idioms literally from one language to another.  Specifically, in this instance from Swedish to English.
funny swedish translation

Two Swedish translators in a lingonberry forest

  • Make magic with your knees.
  • Hello jump in the blueberry forest.
  • With his beard in the mailbox.
  • Now the boiled pork is fried.
  • Is it possible over the head taken?
  • Hear you you you! What are you holding on with?
  • Little pots also have ears.
  • How much yawns the cracker?
  • That was like the cat.
  • We are visible!
Can you guess what the funny Swedes are getting at?
  • To do something that is impossible.
  • A cheerful expression for when you are surprised.
  • To be caught by surprise.
  • Now you’re in a really bad situation.
  • Is it possible at all?
  • Hey you! What are you doing?
  • Little children also have ears.
  • Stockholm slang for “What time is it?”
  • That’s amazing!
  • See you later!
Well, we can’t blame you for not getting all of them.  Sometimes people just have a different way with words… I’m sure one day you’ll avoid literal translations by mastering that language you’ve been working at.  Until then, that’s what we’re here for!  Need Swedish translation?  Take a look at our services.

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