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Saturday, September 26th, 2015 In Freelance jobs By Jorn

Problems with payments

Jorn, Operations: “I think it’s fair to assume that the payment is the most important part of your work with us. We take great care to make sure that all your payments come in time and without any problems. That said, we do face problems from time to time.
The week before last we missed paying 50 people because of a problem with the spreadsheet that was uploaded to PayPal. This sucks, and we try hard to make sure that when something like this happens we take measures to make sure we prevent it in the future.
To help you understand what is going on: – We process around 200 payments per week to as many people; – There are 5 people involved in every single payment; – In total we spend about 30 man hours per week on payments – We have about 10 ‘complaints’ per week (5%) ranging from “I didn’t get paid,” to “my PayPal has changed,” to “I can’t login to my PayPal.” We’ve started telling people that we’re open to accepting other forms of currencies, and are also promulgating them to click here to read on the advantages of using them.
Looking at the ‘complaints’ we see that: – 30% are mistakes from our side (we put the wrong currency in PayPal, we miscounted or simply forgot an entire project). – 70% of the problems can be prevented by YOU. Some simple examples:
  1. If we don’t have your PayPal, we can’t make any payment;
  2. If you don’t fill out your full name (first+last) in the Landing Page, we don’t know who to pay (with more than 4000 people in our system, we have a lot of ‘double’ names);
  3. Payments are processed every Monday morning and paid out latest on Wednesday night (so sometimes your friend get’s paid on Tuesday, but you on Wednesday – no reason for alarm!);
  4. We rely on PayPal as a safe intermediary for our payments, if you fail to register correctly they can ‘freeze’ your payment. This is not in our control.

How can YOU make getting paid faster and easier?

Copypanthers is proud to have so many writers from all over the world, working together on such a wide variety of projects, but this also can make things super confusing, especially when it comes time to get paid. We strive to pay everyone on a project weekly, but we do need help from all of our panthers! As you work on projects, there are some things that you can do to help make payment faster and easier – and far less stressful for everyone! And who wouldn’t want that?
So, as you work away on your Copypanther projects, please keep some of these guidelines and tips in mind. They’ll pay off – literally!
get paid faster

How do I get paid?

Copypanthers has made it super easy to get paid for your work, no matter where you are or what currency you typically use, but you need to be sure you are signed up with us. Getting paid is very easy and first time panthers will want to make sure they have signed up in the job pool with their current PayPal address.

My PayPal Address has changed. What do I do?

If your PayPal Address has changed, be sure to inform your Project Manager as soon as possible or your payments could be delayed or sent to the wrong place! Send your Project Manager an email with the following information:
  • Full Name
  • New PayPal Address
  • List of Projects You’ve Been Active On that Week and the Week Before
To be extra careful that none of your hard-earned money is sent to an outdated PayPal account, it is best to inform your Project Manager at the start of the project that it has changed. This way, it can be changed before you need to get paid. This prevents both delays, mistakes, and headaches!

How can I prevent mistakes and delays?

As a panther, there are some ways in which you can help prevent mistakes and delays for payment. While working on a project, it may be very clear who is working on what and it may seem like a small pool of people. But remember that there are dozens of projects going on in multiple languages; keeping everyone straight can be very difficult – especially if all accounting has to work with is first names! In order for payment to be processed, be sure you have done the following:
  • Project Landing Page: Enter your first AND last name. If you are missing either part of your name, you will not be paid — even if you’re a veteran panther.
  • File naming: For each text that you claim (for writing or for editing), be sure to enter your first name AND the initial of your last name. Again, if you don’t enter both (e.g., Katie J.), then you will not be paid.
Using your full name on the landing page and clearly labeling all texts will speed up the payment process as it will cut down on confusion and prevent mistakes. If accounting needs to track down people and confirm their projects, it can seriously delay payment for your work, not to mention slow down payments overall, so payments will not be processed for panthers who haven’t fully filled out the project pages.

The project is completed & I still haven’t been paid!

So, you’ve been working hard on Copypanthers’ projects and have been researching, writing, and editing, but you still haven’t been paid? Be sure to check all of the above tips and guidelines — from joining the job pool, to having an updated PayPal Address, to properly completing the project landing pages — before you email your Project Manager.
If you’ve checked all of the above and you still haven’t been paid, email your Project Manager or Language Leader with the following information:
  • The Project Name (for which you are owed payment)
  • Your Full Name
  • Your PayPal Address
  • The Problem (please state what the problem is as clearly and succinctly as possible)
Your Project Manager and Copypanthers will do their best to address any issues and solve them as soon as possible. Mistakes and delays can happen; we are all human, after all! But with your help, we can make this whole process easier and faster for everyone!

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