Monday, March 26th, 2012 In Charity By Jenni
Our very first charity job. Businesses are not charities but being a part of the world community means giving something back too, whether it is local help or expressing our concern for global issues by direct actions such as this. Help Jamaica approached us and we felt it was the perfect time to give something to a cause which is current and in serious need. Translation work is still translation work but not discussing a price or sending an invoice gave me a funny feeling. I have to say it was a good feeling. Many know Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea. Some of Jamaica’s biggest industries are tourism, bauzite/alumina, food processing, light manufactures, rum etc. but a faltering economy in the 1970’s led to violence and a downward spiral in the economy. Jamaica is still a struggling economy with big income gaps, high inflation, as well as class inequalities. Moreover, Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world and especially the children suffer from the problems in the country. The thing is, people have many ways to help if they wish, most of us are familiar with organizations that you simply donate money to. Others “donate” their professional skills, whether it is health care advices or translation services. Some have given away clothes that are going directly to those in need. Donating items like games for children or books to build a library have also long been an easy form of helping. And micro loans are the new trend online. One way to support is to buy products from the organization – here is the Help Jamaica product shop.

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