Globalisation and translation

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Thursday, May 10th, 2012 In Life of a panther, Social media, Translation By Stephanie
Globalisation requires skilled translators
Since a growing number of companies are opening their doors to the foreign market and facing cut-throat competition, their businesses rely closely on translation. Why do we need a translator when we have English? It is true that those who speak English today enjoy access to a lot of information. But, men and women from various cultural backgrounds are getting closer, and the needs for translation are changing to be able to adapt to those new challenges. Hence a rising demand for professional translators to help companies of all forms to establish and promote their products and services abroad. Websites and social networks are within others, sufficient enough reasons to hire skilled translators in their specialties. For example: finance, law, healthcare or other specialized industry. Translation is a complex activity, pairing both comprehension and interpretation, and the know-how to communicate a message in this or that language requires perfect command of one, or even better, multiple languages. Understanding cross-cultural differences, a sense of humor, immaculate writing and a good knowledge of modern communication tools are fantastic assets for the international exchange of our businesses. Copypanthers works on several projects worldwide and in various sectors. In addition, Copypanthers specializes in SEO and has many advantages, of which are a dynamic team and matchless quality versus price. There’s no need to go on having a deficit of understanding in this globalized world. Ask for a translation quote or get in touch with one of our panthers regarding website content or SEO and we will answer you in no time and with a smile! Happy globalising!

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