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Being in India and understanding the English can be really difficult. For a newcomer, India probably feels like a heaven on Earth of English mistakes and funny menu translations. But beware!!!! The English used here might confuse you, and when you figure out what they actually wanted to say, …you will laugh your head off.

Internet Suffering

Internet Suffering

This joint has turned “internet surfing” into “internet suffering”!!! Probably not too far from the truth. Funny English in India is more than just spelling mistakes, I’d say you could call them spelling disasters.

Drink a child bear

Beer Shop

This one takes a little skill to decipher. At first glance, they are selling a “child bear”, but turn “child” into “chilled“, and “bear” into “beer” and the true meaning sends chills down your spine…until you come back to the humid, 45 degree reality and realize that a chilled beer sounds very good! Even the Hindi is Thandi (cool) wear. Come on, guys, at least spare the local language!

Deadly haircut?

Don't dye your hair here

The Good Luck Hair Salon seems to advertise a handsome death in style. God help us. Don’t get a haircut here if you want to live. Just run for your lives folks!

Tension-free cows

Ghee, God Help the Cows

I had no idea that cows could have stress (tension). This picture is from a famous supermarket. It might help you spare some money, but the English language will not be spared!!

Branding fail

Sony Ericsson erection

We can all be glad that Sony Ericsson didn’t brand themselves as an erection, though it seems these guys don’t know the difference! In any other country, this board could cause a riot. We just hope they have many happy customers.

Accident porn


This mistake comes from a state that claims 100% literacy (apparently prone to error!). Everyone knows English (Kerala) but still finds ways to murder the language.

So, this was a small presentation of how English can transform into hilarity or riot in India. If you want understand the importance of real translation, check out our fun game, Lost in Translation Agency, and see for yourself! Good Luck with English and be careful of funny English in India. You just might go somewhere you don’t want to!

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