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Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 In Life of a panther By Cem A. Arel
Let me assure you, our blog will definitely not be just another boring translation blog! Although doing great and effective translations requires constant training, tools and most importantly great people, the translation blogs I have (tried to) read serve more like a substitute for sleeping pills, so we won’t write about how to do translations here. Instead we will write about the results of translations (and content writing), which you hopefully will find out is a lot more fun. Analytics Social ROI The five main reasons for our blog (and social media)
  1. Interesting projects: As a translation agency we have the pleasure to work with a lot of interesting companies and people. Although we obviously respect our customer’s privacy, most when asked, love the idea of us writing about their projects. I am sure a lot of people out there want to hear about them, too.
  2. Brag a bit: Although Copypanthers typically charges 30-50% less than traditional agencies (read dinosaurs), we increasingly do very complex translations that we are quite proud of. It is part of human nature (at least mine) to brag a bit.
  3. Content is king: Having a blog, that constantly gets updated with new and relevant content related to translation and content writing obviously doesn’t hurt our SEO-efforts.
  4. Social ROI is finally measureable: Our blog automatically feeds our fan pages on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter with our posts and hopefully people will enjoy reading our posts. With the coming update of Analytics, it is finally possible to measure the social ROI, so it makes business sense also. Read about the update on Techcrunch.
  5. Most importantly, it is fun: I basically jumped out of bed this morning eager to write and publish this post.
I hope you enjoy our blog! 

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