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Start as a freelance writer in 4 easy steps!

  1. Register your details in the Copypanthers freelance application form
  2. Check out our introduction video below
  3. Login to Wordapp
    • If you don’t have your login details yet, sign up for one of the Q&A webinars. We will send you the details before the webinar. If you don’t have any questions you obviously don’t have to join the actual Q&A.
  4. Deliver your first text, if you have any questions you can join one of the Q&A webinars

Start writing web content; simple and fast

Why working with Copypanthers and Wordapp is amazing:
      • Double your hourly rate, compared to traditional writing methods
      • Work in 24 languages, on a monthly basis (and nearly unlimited work in all Scandinavian languages)
      • Fast payments, paid out weekly
      • Easy to learn, so that you don’t waste time and start earning money right away

Montetize your language assets

“In spite of tens of thousands of hours invested per capita, “Language asset” is the asset today that yields the lowest returns.”
Like you, we know how tough it is to be a freelance SEO writer. Your payments usually sucks, if it even gets paid out at all. You have to learn tons of rules that change every month. You spend a lot of time ‘fixing’ texts that you delivered because they are wrong (and you still don’t 100% understand why).
No more – It’s time to Word Up!
Wordapp has been developed with the experience of the people at Copypanthers to make writing and publishing web content easy and fast. We have spend tens of thousands of hours working with SEO, web content and crowdsourcing and used all this experience to create a web application that makes it simple and fast for you to work as a freelance SEO writer.

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