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If you are an e-shop or someone with a lot of pages in your domain that need to be translated, our SEO translation services are just for you. Let’s face it – you want to enter a new market and you just want your new content to work for you, not the other way around. You might have 100s, maybe 1,000s, of pages that need translation and optimization. With SEO translation, we provide that at rock bottom prices and lightning fast speeds, not to mention that each text will be unique and tailored for the latest SEO techniques that are proven to rank. You’ll get the ROI you expect from long-tail SERP.

Great for the spider; Good for the visitor! Spiders obsessed with the latest search engine algorithms will love this product, and you will be rewarded with higher SERP, more traffic and better sales. If you want to do more than just please the spider and are interested in texts that your visitors will also like, we recommend content translation.

Step-by-step: How SEO localization works

This product is a specially tailored product, invented by Copypanthers to ensure that your translated content gives you the ROI you want, does what you want, is fast and super-affordable. You won’t find something like this elsewhere!

SEO translation, step-by-step

  • Machine translation
  • One person edits the text at 1,250 words per hour
  • A second person re-edits at 2,250 words per hour
  • Quality assurance by a third pair of eyes throughout the project
The key factor in the affordability of this product is that the main focus is put on long-tail SEO. That means you’ll have 100% unique content that that is optimized with keywords, but doesn’t feel like it’s machine translated. As a result, it is possible that translation might contain some direct translations and phrases that might seem awkward, but this is the nature of the product. One thing we take pains to ensure is that your translation does not contain spelling or grammar mistakes!

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Why SEO translation is so attractive

We offer many other translation products (see below) but the reason why SEO localization is more attractive for e-shops and long-tail SEO is that we simplify and speed up the process by using machine translation and individuals who are trained in our SEO translation method. This means you pay 37.5% of our general translation product.

For example, other translation products such as “general translation” and “specialized translation” use a much more time-intensive, involved method, where the added costs do not provide a corresponding ROI incentive. For example:
  • A professional translator that catalogs all terminology
  • Professional translation / localization
  • Professional proofreading / localization
  • Quality assurance by a third pair of eyes throughout the project
The value of SEO translation is that this product does not compromise on accuracy, meaning, spelling, or grammar, and also takes SEO into account. The added cost and time spent on your translation through other, more expensive products simply do not yield the desired results, nor are professional translators usually trained in SEO, potentially causing additional costs (lower ROI).

What can we say? The Copypanthers-way for SEO translation will definitely make your day!

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