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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 In Blog, Life of a panther, Translation By Stephanie

Understanding your business

                        The translation business is moving forward with the world. While we need more and more qualified translators capable of a neutral conduct in the language transfer process, we are still facing some challenges from the past; history, theory, context and the function of a language with others. A translator has no right to comment, he or she functions as a communication tool. A translator then becomes a kind of a mediator, like an electrical appliance between at least two people or two nations unable to understand each other; he or she is always excluded but still, he/she is a powerful asset. At Copypanthers, we are creative and flexible. We of course offer translation services, but we are realistic about how today’s businesses run, meaning that we also write web content, product descriptions, blog posts, we make Youtube videos and are SEO specialists. We interact with our customers, set goals with our clients and propose solutions and improvements. We panthers are smart, able to understand the target audience and recognize and understand norms in other languages; each panther performs their particular speech art in the target culture. Our purpose is to give the audience the leisure to appreciate the awesomeness of the source text or to admire the author’s idea, and to make activities more efficient. Last but not least, as a translator, you are bound to encounter a text that is irrelevant, inappropriate or unacceptable. What to do in this case? Interact with the client, build a relationship and offer more services, be critical but resourceful. Copypanthers will be happy to assist you and your business to reach a wider audience with any of our translation services mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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