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Thursday, September 10th, 2015 In Life of a panther By Jorn
“I can earn enough to live comfortably most places in the world by working under 20 hours a week; the main goal is to see the world and eat all the different foods I can.”
At Copypanthers we meet a lot of interesting people who monetize their language assets through us to live incredibly interesting and inspiring lives. Today we share the story of Terje (36): the Gypsy Viking. Freelance travel writing for 10-20 hours a week, he lives the nomad life.
Terje's story

The Gypsy King working on some cultural exchange

“This is my last year in this cold place”

Terje signed up as a freelance writer and translator at Copypanthers just over a year ago now. Two years ago he finally took the step to leave cold Trondheim and start traveling, supporting himself with freelance writing and cashing in as a troubadour.
“I lived in Trondheim for 13 years, and every year when the winter hit, I would say to myself, “This is my last year in this cold place”. But then studies happened, work happened, and I never got around to it until two years ago, when I decided to quit everything, sell my stuff and just go traveling, to discover what I should do.”
Freelance travel writing ever since, Terje describes monetizing his language assets in a very different perspective:
“I don’t really need a desk to work, as I’ve grown used to writing from the couch, the bed or the hammock with my laptop on my lap. For example, I translated 80,000 words for a big winter-sport website in a park by the river in Bangkok. I wrote product descriptions for Expert lying in a hammock by the Mekong river in Laos. Once, after relaxing for a month, I found a little café with french press coffee and free wifi in Kampot, southern Cambodia where I had an intense work week. I’ve written gambling blogs on the bus through Germany, and written about office furniture on the subway in Vienna.”

“The more effective I am, the more I get paid”

“I love this life of not having to wake up to an alarm, sleeping until I wake up, going to bed when I’m tired, eating when I’m hungry, and having a cigarette whenever I want. I love taking all the breaks I wish without anybody telling me to do something NOW. Also, freelancing appeals to me, because I get paid more the more effective I am, so it motivates me to live a more efficient life.”
With nearly unlimited Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian work at Copypanthers there is always money to be made. Even though you always work as a freelancer, with weekly payments, you never have to worry about cash flow:
“If I want to take a vacation, there’s no need for months of planning, I’ll just tell my PM that I’m not working the next week. It’s freedom to live and work wherever I want.”

“Working under 20 hours a week is enough to keep me living comfortably”

“Through Veronica, an old friend from high school, I found out about Copypanthers, and now I feel I can earn enough to live comfortably most places in the world by working under 20 hours a week. I’m also a troubadour, so when I’m not writing, I play guitar and sing in bars or on corners, depending on the weather and the situation. I don’t really have a proper home anymore, but when all you need is a laptop and the internet, who needs their own walls?”

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