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Friday, September 7th, 2012 In Blog By Ulrika

Irish lucky juice

  • Many have heard of Friday the 13th, but have you heard of Tuesday the 13th? Apparently, in Romania people believe that Tuesday the 13th is cause for caution as it brings bad luck. So remember, when in Romania, beware of Tuesday the 13th!
  • One common superstition is that if you break something you will have good luck. When in and around Europe, remember to break plenty of plates. In Japan, break cups. You will have excellent luck and people will love you I’m sure!
  • Black cats. Here in Turkey, people become instantly distraught at the sight of a black cat, saying, “Oh no! A black cat! I’m going to have bad luck all day now!” In other countries however, black cats have their work cut out for them. They have to cross your path (or shadow) in order to bring bad luck. Luckily, black cats don’t seem to be out to cross our paths.
  • And now, for the most common superstition across all cultures [[drum roll]]…Don’t walk under a ladder! That’s right. In case you didn’t know, walking under a ladder brings you bad luck, although the timeframe is up for debate (some say for 7 years).
And now for some funny ones. Italy Always look into the other person’s eyes when toasting or your romance life will suffer for 7 years. (Since Italians are full of love, I’m guessing they always look people in the eye.) Russia Never carry an empty bucket. (That’s bad. Very bad. Don’t even think about it.) Japan If your nose itches, someone you know will have a baby. (My nose itches…) Greece Never leave your wallet or your bank account empty. Even just a coin or two can attract more money. (So, can someone give them a hand and get them started?) We hope you enjoyed our collection of superstitions. Some people are very connected to their superstitions, but one that you definitely shouldn’t have is the belief that you can get quality translations from unprofessional sources. At Copypanthers, we offer professionalism and quality as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us or get your free quote and give us a try!

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