How to Level Up and Become a Production Manager

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 In Life of a panther By Ulrika
Copypanthers is on a mission to help people and companies monetize their language assets. We help companies boost their sales by making it easy to implement great content on their websites that is ROI positive, which obviously increases relevant traffic and sales. In turn, this allows us to fulfill the second part of our mission, which is to help our amazing crowd of expats, retired people, boot-strapped entrepreneurs, digital nomads, students and stay-at-home-moms and dads to be able to add flavor to their life by monetizing their latent language skills.

One way is to become a Production Manager, where you’ll find the juiciest payments in the Copypanthers jungle. Becoming a PM isn’t the lowest hanging fruit, but like anything that’s worth doing, with some commitment and a little hard work, you’ll soon reach the tree-tops for a better view!

As a PM, you can:

  • Work anywhere in the world on your own terms.
  • Make €10-50k net yearly, depending on how much you want to work and your role.
  • Manage and build your own team, like you think people should be treated.
  • Manage your own clients.
Level up and become a Production Manager

First stop, become a Level 3 writer!

  • Level 1: Pass Milestone 1 as a writer on a project
  • Level 2: Pass Milestone 2 as a writer on a project
  • Level 3: Pass M1 and M2 on 3 projects

Second stop, become a Level 3 proofreader!

  • Level 1: Pass Milestone 1 as a proof on a project
  • Level 2: Pass Milestone 2 as a proof on a project
  • Level 3: Pass M1 and M2 on 3 projects

Next stop, start you PM journey!

  • Become a Jr. PM: Recruit and train 2 new Crowdpanthers for your own project.
  • Become a Sr. PM: Recruit and train 20 more Crowdpanthers and complete at least €60,000 worth of projects.
Start your PM journey now by applying in the Jobpool!

Seniors are some of Copypanthers’ most-valuable-players and we believe in treating you that way! Once you meet the requirements for becoming a Senior, you will come to Istanbul on an all-expenses paid trip to meet the in-house team, have some dinners, see our beautiful city, and some training of course!

This could be the best freelance job ever

Read about how to apply to the best freelance job ever! You can also read a post from our lovely Sr. PM, Karen, from Denmark about working as a Production Manager for Copypanthers.

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