Friday, September 3rd, 2021 In Content writing, Translation By Lisa
global branding

Increasing the impact and recognition of a brand across different regions of the world is crucial when moving into new markets. One of the major barriers that hinder global branding is language. It’s not enough to hire translation services but a brand must also ensure that its overall message has been localised to match with the region’s culture, behaviour and local norms.

How Localisation Impacts Your Global Branding

A few decades ago, there were only a handful of brands that could deliver their products and services worldwide. With the emergence of the internet, social media and other communication mediums, it is now easier than ever to cross borders and enter new markets. However, there are other factors to consider such as localisation.

Localisation allows a brand to connect with its audiences on a personal level, hence building loyalty. Once you understand how to communicate with your target audience as a whole, you can pave the way to start connecting with them on a deeper level by determining factors such as demographics. For example, a certain age group in a region may speak and react differently to the same communication. Therefore it is important to keep such factors in mind.

Choose Your Team Wisely

The team that you choose to communicate directly with your target audience also has a great impact on your global branding goals. Ensure that your team has a good understanding of the culture, demographics, and language, especially if your target region has local dialects. This will ensure that the true image of your brand is communicated efficiently.