French fries in danger of extinction during the Olympic Games?

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Monday, August 6th, 2012 In Blog, Fun stuff, Other articles By Stephanie
Les Jeux Olympiques de Londre

The bridge of the rings

On Friday, July 28th, Queen Elisabeth II officially launched the XXXth Olympic Games of the modern era in London. It’s time to get together and forget our differences in the name of sport! That said, the 2012 Olympic Games are, comically, being sponsored by the ‘sporty and healthy’ golden arches of McDonald’s, who have been allowed to open the biggest McDonald’s restaurant in the world and to have a McNopoly on all French fries sales for the occasion! The Frenchies better watch out and so should the florists! Apparently, florists from all over have been warned not to reproduce the famous Olympic rings (representing the five continents), or risk having their purses plucked for copyright infringement! What is going to happen to the renowned fish & chips? Will a lager at the corner pub be replaced by a pint of Coca-Cola? Winston Churchill and General De Gaulle would turn over in their graves! Aren’t the Olympic Games a reason to practice high level competition sport where everybody has the same chance? Or is it just another marketing bonanza? However, the good side of it all is that the Olympic Games gather millions of people from all countries and all customs and is also an opportunity to open up to new cultures and new languages. Thousands of interpreters and translators are recruited and operate in the shadows, conducting the essential task of enabling communication to a public eager to follow all the updates. Copypanthers is happy to announce interpreter services in Istanbul. And as always, if you need a translation, get in touch with us!

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