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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 In Translation By Jenni
We all know that for the purposes of a funny line to a friend or to understand a foreign email, we can use Google translate like millions of others around the world to carry our difficult translations like tigrinya translations. However professional translators have their tools and ways and they differ based on what is being translated. here is a short rundown of some of the common types of translation works. User manual and legal document translation A common type of translation job is a user manual, legal document or marketing brochure in a Word or PDF file. These are typically uploaded into a translation software that will help the translator with vocabulary and consistency. However the images and visuals in the original document can help to understand the context of the work, so having it visible while translating in the software tool is practical. In cloud based translation softwares both translator and proofreader can work on the same file, even at the same time. Website translation Translation websites probably covers a big part of all translation work in the world today. But it is a little different as you should take into consideration the context and overall style of the site – instead of mere words. If translation is done either in the CMS (such as WordPress) or separately, the proofreading should take place on the website when the translation is in its final environment. And then there is SEO considerations – but website optimization deserves a post of its own! Certificate & CV translation These are small jobs and often urgent and done directly in text editing software. The need for translating your CV, certificate or degree usually comes from officials or is bureaucracy related so a certified translator is typically required. Finding one on a Friday afternoon when you are moving to a new country and need your papers ready can be challenging! Proofreading is not usually a part of this deal. Advertisement translation  This is a small niche market but a very challenging one. Advertisements are all about subliminal messages and suggestions, rather than just direct communication. Therefor the translation process is slower and several options for a banner text might be considered with the client. Subtitle translation Mistakes in this field will bring a lot of public shame as any errors can be viewed by millions. However when only audio track is available, sometimes translators have to take risks. Often the script might be available – but nothing beats the visual – best subtitle translations come from having the video+script combination. Various specific softwares and methods are used in subtitle translation. Of course there are several more sub-types and specialties but these are the translation types professionals commonly deal with. We also offer all of these services, so contact us with a question or get a free quote!

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