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Thursday, April 19th, 2012 In SEO & links, Social media By Cem A. Arel
We now offer simple (and cheap) videos and though they probably won’t go viral there are some compelling SEO reasons to having videos on your website:
  • Relevancy of your page: Content is king and both Google and Bing now use voice recognition software to understand what the video is about and having a video shows them that you are serious about your site (I am aware that we are playing a song in this video).
  • Google Panda: User interaction on your website is a very important part of your SERP’s.
  • Youtube: Has 1,000 searches a second.
  • Social: Videos are social and one reason why Google is spending so much effort on Google+ (without results) is that social interaction is the page rank algorithm on crack! (I personally think social will be the single most important criteria for SERP placement in the coming years).
All of the above are compelling reasons, but the single most important reason is your visitors! I wish you all a nice weekend!

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