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    So who is your average German content writer?

    According to the latest demographics your average German content writer is 45.7 years old and is as likely to be female as male. Your writer is most probably writing the content from a coffee shop in a city, hopefully not sticking to Earnest Hemmingway’s principle of that creativity is at its best after a few beers. However because 25.1 percent of the population is overweight and beers contain a lot of calories, you can’t be sure.

    Don’t settle for one German content writer, get your own crowd

    Copypanthers uses the crowd to write your German content and instead of having a few writers we literally use 1000’s and each text passes a process using at 3 pair of eyes. Our writers create seo content ranging from onpage blogs to category and brand texts on e-shops containing internal links and html formatting. Your order process starts with a free sample where we train our reviewers and get everything just like you want it, then we deliver your order in no time. If you have any questions at all about our German content writers, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@copypanthers.com or get your free sample in less than 1 hour here.