Monday, September 27th, 2021 In Content writing By Lisa
Content strategy

There are more than 60 million WordPress sites in the world. You can see the challenge it poses to copywriters when designing a strategy. With so many options to choose from, many blogs struggle to keep the reader engaged and succumb to a massive bounce rate. We have some tips to help you create website content that is interesting and engaging.

How to Write Marketing Blogs That Readers Will Love

Truth be told, many bloggers do not put in serious effort to create unique material. Content is still king but gone are the days when stuffing keywords in fluff text could land you in the top pages on search engines. Today, user experience is very important. Those excellent reviews about your tutorial or positive remarks in the comment section of your blog are now more important than haphazardly inserting keywords in web articles or buying spammy backlinks.

In fact, Google now penalises unnatural inbound and outbound backlinks. The question is if you get a penalty for buying backlinks, what tactics can you use to generate traffic? The first step is to write kickass content that will spur discussion and get clients and other blogs to share. Read through to learn how to create engaging content and revamp your content approach.

Use These Tactics to Improve Your Content Strategy

1. Have a guiding topic – Decide beforehand what you want to write about. You can determine what your audience wants to hear by browsing and asking questions on sites like Reddit, Quora, Digg,, Yahoo Answers, and Stack Overflow to get relevant content.

2. Write about popular topics- some topics such as showbiz, politics, will forever be at the top of the news. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, you can use a recent world summit that’s in the news to review what the delegates were wearing. During her time as the first lady, Michelle Obama was a regular fixture in fashion columns.

3. Make an emailing list – after you have been creating content for some time, you may consider compiling an email list as part of your content strategy. Customers will readily subscribe to receive alerts for offers, custom articles, and special promotions but you will have to ask first. You can do that on your website through timed popups, humorous CTAs, or surveys.

4. Paid campaigns – if you are a new business that uses content to sell merchandise, you can use paid adverts on social networks. They are cheap and can be designed to target a specific clientele.