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Who are the ghost writers?

What is ghost writing? A ghost writer is a bit like a writer of the shadows, a writer who writes articles and books but doesn’t get the full credit. Instead, another “official” author will get the full credit. Why use a ghost writer? You have a lot of ideas but no time to write about them. Hire a ghost writer and share your ideas with the world! Writing a book is difficult, it requires an acute discipline and skills. Sometimes it is just easier to give the work to somebody else and just supervise. This is a widely used method nowadays, and actually, lots of politicians and celebrities have their memoirs written once their time in the spotlight has come to an end. Do you really think they sat down to write a whole book? Sure, the story is truly transcribed in details and probably gratifying since that person is “still” the author. But the talent is not theirs. Ghost writers are also used to write articles and blogs, where you need to pack as much ideas and information as possible in a small text, just like a vacuum packed text. And believe me, telling the story of the world in a paragraph three sentences long and still making sense, is rather complex. So really, ghost writers have a brilliant future in front of them and Copypanthers is glad to offer a new writing service, no pink panthers writing, but real ghost writing services, just check out our new page and ask us for a free quote!

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