Bring Your Child To Work Day with Clara and Karen

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Thursday, January 29th, 2015 In Fun stuff, Life of a panther By Ulrika
Say hi to Clara!

She is the clever and bilingual 7 year old daughter of our super star Danish PM, Karen. Today, Karen told us that it was “Bring your child to work day” for her, and that her daughter would be beside her, observing all the great organization that Karen does with our Danish Crowdpanthers. If you want to know what she does, read this post about¬†working as a production manager!

But, before that, we have received a fantastic blog post from Clara, herself, about how she spent her day with mom. Scroll down and enjoy!


Bring Your Child to Work Day: What my mom does at work

I am working with my mom today. First we spoke to Jorn, Hanna and Liisa through Skype. Then we chatted to Karl and made smiley-faces.

My mom translates and writes a lot. She writes emails to people. I helped her write an email. She showed me some blogs about dog food and horses. Now I am writing one. I love writing.

On the picture you can see me and my mom. We both speak Danish and English and can read and write in both languages. I go to school in Denmark, but I used to live in South Africa.

I like that my mom works at home and not in an office, ’cause she is just in the other room. She works in the hallway next to my hamster. I am an intern today. I like writing for Copypanthers. When I think about Copypanthers I think about a panther that copies pictures on a copy machine.

I like working on a computer. But I hate that the letters are not in alphabetical order. My mom says it is because it is easier when you type without looking. I think my mom writes so quickly. My mom likes to write on the computer.

By: Clara

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